2015 Dates



To get a jump on the process, please purchase your USA Volleyball Adult Membership and make sure your team representative makes sure you are added to your team roster in Webpoint AND gets contacts me at odradults@odrvb.org to get access to our ODR Adult Tournament Scheduling website (www.advancedeventsystems.com).  **YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST 6 PLAYERS ON YOUR ROSTER WHEN SUBMITTING YOUR ENTRY FOR THE TOURNAMENT.**

Entry fees per tournament will be $100.00 up to 2 weeks prior to the tournament date, $150.00 if you are within the two week window.  Payment instructions will be on the tournament entry form when your team enters the tournament within AES.

Feel free to contact me with any questions at odradults@odrvb.org.


Kelly T.H. Dreyfuss

Adult Programs Coordinator

USA Volleyball Old Dominion Region