All non-playing referee assignments will be made by the Referee Assigner or Referee Chair or by someone appointed by the Referee Chair. A request for referees will be provided to the Referee Chair at the earliest possible time by the Tournament Coordinator responsible for each classification involved in the tournament. The request will specify the expectations of the host and the Tournament Coordinator with regard to number of courts, number of teams and the classification of teams. The request serves the purpose of allowing the Referee Chair to make the appropriate assignment of referees to each tournament scheduled.

The Referee Chair or the Referee Assigner shall assign at least one non-playing referee for each scheduled, sanctioned tournament if possible.

The Tournament Coordinator for each tournament shall provide the Referee Chair a tournament-playing schedule to include a list of teams, court assignments and the designated player referee for each team. The schedule should be provided as early as possible, preferably one week prior to the tournament, in order to allow notification to the non-playing referees of their scheduled matches.

All referee match assignments, including non-playing and player referees, will be made by the Referee Chair or the designated Chief Referee of each tournament. Only certified referees shall be authorized to officiate sanctioned matches as the first referee.

Teams shall be required to provide a certified first referee, a qualified second referee, a scorer, an assistant scorer, and two lines judges to officiate matches for which the team is assigned work team responsibilities.

All playoff competition should be officiated by certified non-playing referees only. Final matches shall be officiated by a certified non-playing first referee with a National, Junior National or Regional rating and a certified non-playing second referee whenever possible.