It is important to remember that this insurance is applicable only to sanctioned events and that all participants are members of USA Volleyball. Injuries caused by non members during tryouts, scrimmages, practices can nullify the insurance policy It is necessary for hosts to have on file a valid sanction number for all of the events such as practices, tournaments, clinics, and any other events wherein there is a potential risk for loss covered by this policy. Blanket sanctions are available for scheduled practice sessions, or other items like camps, clinics, etc. Application for sanctions should be made in a timely manner to the Commissioner. Without prior issuance of a sanction for any given event, the insurance coverage is not available for any loss, injury, damage, or legal liability that may occur.

As with all insurance, claims must be filed promptly using the appropriate forms. These forms include an INCIDENT REPORT and a MEDICAL CLAIM FORM. Since these forms are subject to change by the insurance carrier at their option, facsimile copies are not attached here. If needed, obtain copies of the current documents from the Old Dominion Region Commissioner, ODR website ( ), or USA Volleyball