Qualification for entry to the Girls’ National Club Division of the USA Junior National Championship is gained through competition in the Old Dominion Region Bid Tournament. The region is guaranteed one entry for the girls in the 12s, 13s, 14s, 15s, 16s, 17s and 18s divisions. Beginning in 2016, the Junior National Championship for the 18s division will be held at a separate, earlier event from the 12s-17s divisions. Bids earned through the Region Bid Tournament will be for the National Division or American Division at the Girls’ Junior National Championship. Teams may also qualify with required finishes at a National Qualifier in the Open, USA, or American Divisions.

Teams may also register for entry to the Girls’ Junior National Championship in the Patriot Division. Access to this division will be based on date of entry and do not require that a team qualify at a National Qualifier event. Should a team enter this division and later qualify for a higher division at a National Qualifier or Region Bid Tournament, their entry fee will be transferred to the higher division. This division will only be offered to teams in the following age groups: 11s, 14s, 15s, 16s, and 17s.

Qualification for entry to the Boys’ Open Divisions of the Junior National Championship is gained though competition in a National Bid Tournament. There are several different events including the Boys’ East Coast Championships held in the Old Dominion Region. Club Divisions for boys are filled on a first application received/first accepted basis.

Under the frozen roster rule, a club may add a player(s) to the roster of one of its qualified teams for the Junior National Championship, provided the players added are members of the club, and the team from which the players are switching has not qualified for the Junior National Championship. A club may not switch players between two teams when both teams are qualified for the Junior National Championship. All players added to a roster must be on the roster submitted for at-large bid considerations (Open Division). The roster is frozen at the time of submission for open bid consideration.

Entry Fee Reimbursement for USA Junior National Championship

The Old Dominion Region (ODR) shall reimburse a portion of the entry fee for each ODR team participating in the USA Junior National Championship. The amount reimbursed shall be determined by dividing the number of teams participating in the tournament into the entry fee fund established each year by the ODR Board of Directors. Each participating team shall receive an equal portion not to exceed the entry fee paid. To be eligible for reimbursement, the team must have competed in the ODR Regional Championship tournament.

Elite Development Fund

The Old Dominion Region assists in out-of-pocket travel expenses for athletes in the USA National Team pipeline. This includes the National High Performance Camp, Youth National Team/Camp, Junior National Team/Camp and USA Development Camps. Participation in this program does not affect an athlete’s amateur status since these programs are a direct link to the USA National Team. Funds to support this program are generated from late fees collected from tournament entries not submitted on a timely basis.