Scorer Certification

Team Scorer Certification Requirements

  1. Attend an Old Dominion Region scoring clinic.
  2. At the clinic, pay a $10.00 clinic fee.
  3. Register with USA Volleyball through the Old Dominion Region.
  4. Complete the USA Volleyball on-line scorer examination with a score of at least 90%, corrected to 100%.
  5. Obtain two passing practical ratings at fellowship tournaments or a tournament specified by the Scorer Chair.
  6. Approval by the Region Scorer Chair.
  7. Score at least four matches (two matches if the scorer is also a certified referee) at a region sanctioned tournament yearly.
  8. Certification is valid on a yearly basis.

Failure to Provide Certified Scorer

If a team is unable to provide a certified scorer for work matches assigned, the team shall be charged $15.00 for each match assignment (including playoff matches), payable directly to the scorer who works for the team.

Scorer Requirements

The scorer provided by each team to fulfill its work team responsibility must be a currently certified team, provisional, regional, or national USA Volleyball scorer.

The scorer shall enter the names of the first referee, the second referee, and the scorer for the match on each score sheet.

The scorer shall sign each completed score sheet and ensure the R1 signs each completed score sheet. The scorer shall ensure that the captain of each team signs the scoresheet.

Violations of these requirements are governed by the provisions of the section of this handbook dealing with Registration and Eligibility, and it shall be the responsibility the Scorer Chair to administer matters dealing with these requirements.