Certification Requirements

  1. Join USA Volleyball and the Old Dominion Region by registering through Webpoint. This process includes submitting to a background check.
  2. Complete all training and testing requirements online under the New Referee Clinic Curriculum of the USA Volleyball Officials Training and Education web site (referred to as the “USA Volleyball Academy” and accessible through Webpoint).
  3. Attend the USA Volleyball National Clinic scheduled in the Old Dominion Region. Register for the clinic at www.volleyballreftraining.com
  4. Pass three practical referee ratings and two practical scorer ratings at tournaments designated by the Old Dominion Region Referee Chair.
  5. Approval by the Scorer Chair and Referee Chair. Your Provisional Certifications (referee & scorer) will be good for one year.

Recertification Requirements

  1. Complete the ODR “Referee Recertification Clinic” through the USA Volleyball Academy.
  2. Attend the USA Volleyball National Clinic held in the Old Dominion Region.
  3. Maintain scorer certification.
  4. Complete a national rules examination annually through the Academy.
  5. Pass two practical referee ratings on two different matches during the season.
  6. Referee 4 (four) single day tournaments during the season.
  7. All certifications are for a one year period.