The Sport Accident Excess Medical insurance program provides participant coverage for loss resulting directly from members competing in an approved or sanctioned event. Coverage does not include loss from pre-existing conditions or

competing in non-sanctioned events. The coverage extends from the start, through the completion of the event, including direct designated group travel to and from the event.

The Medical policy provides up to $25,000 of excess accidental medical coverage for expenses incurred within one year of the date of the accident. Written proof of loss by the Insured is required within 90 days or as soon as is reasonably possible. Proof must, however, be furnished no later than 12 months from the time it is otherwise required, except in the absence of legal capacity. The policy provides coverage against loss in excess of coverage provided under other valid and collectible medical insurance and is subject to a $250 per claim deductible. If no other collectible medical insurance is available, the loss is subject to a $1,000 deductible.

If injury to the member athlete requires treatment by a legally qualified physician or confinement in a legally constituted hospital, or employment of a trained nurse, x-ray, or ambulance services, and if the first expense of such treatment is incurred within 90 days of the date of the accident, the insurance company will pay the usual and customary expense incurred up to $25,000, subject to the appropriate deductible and any other collectible insurance.

DEFINITION OF PARTICIPANT: Registered athletes, coaches, trainers, volunteers, committee members, officials who are functioning on behalf of and/or while participating in any event sanctioned or approved by USA Volleyball.

DEFINITION OF PARTICIPATING: Participating includes pre-event and post event activities which are officially approved or sanctioned events. Pre-event activities can include but are not limited to clinics, event dinners and pre-event practicing. Post event activities can include but are not limited to award banquets, award ceremonies and clinics that occur within one day after the event.