Certification Requirements

Specific training at the region level will take place before a referee will be considered as a national level candidate. This training will be supervised by the Referee Chair and be conducted by International, National, and Junior National referees from Old Dominion and neighboring regions. It will include evaluation at several matches/tournaments of varying levels involving adults, collegians, and juniors. This requires coordination with officials from neighboring regions. Entrance to this process is by invitation of the Referee Chair. However, referees desiring to be considered are encouraged to contact the Referee Chair in writing.

Recertification Requirements

  1. Satisfy national requirements for national tournament attendance, examinations, dues, and attend a USA National Volleyball Clinic.
  2. Serve as a rater at a minimum of one tournament.
  3. Serve as a rater at the regional upgrade tournament at least once every two years.
  4. Serve as the primary or assistant clinician at one Junior referee or scoring clinic.
  5. Officiate as a non-playing referee at one regular season adult tournament.
  6. Officiate at two regular season Junior tournaments.
  7. Officiate at two of the following four events: adult Region Championship tournament; Region Junior Bid Tournament; Junior Regional Championship Tournament; East Coast Boys Championships.

All certified referees and scorers must complete the referee and scorer tests on-line. When the individual official receives the results of the test, he/she must correct the questions missed and forward the corrected test with appropriate references to the Referee Chair or Scorer Chair within two weeks. The certification requirements specify that all officials must complete the tests within the testing period of November 1 to February 15. Test results will not be accepted after February 15.