Any club director or administrator listed as a contact or ADMIN for a club will have ADMIN access removed automatically on October 31 unless their new registration is complete including a current background screening. Adult membership options will be available on September 1.

If you are not in compliance by that date you will have to notify the ODR Registrar via email at to have your admin access added back as the club contact. Access can only be authorized by Club Director via email to registrar. Please allow a minimum of 24 hrs for this task to be completed.

Club Directors please review your club admins listed in your club in webpoint and email the registrar if anyone needs to be removed.

USAV membership officially expires on October 31 of each membership year. Members will be able to renew their USAV membership on October 1. There is an option to purchase a discounted Tryout Membership beginning September 1 which is valid until October 31. The Tryout Membership can be upgraded to a Regular Membership before October 31.

Old Dominion Region uses the USAV ***** online registration system to obtain and pay for all memberships. ******* has a secure online payment system. Visa, Mastercard and many bank cards are accepted. ODR mandates online payments are the only form of payment accepted for ALL memberships. There will be no exceptions!

If you do not have a credit card you may obtain a debit card at most stores which will allow you to upload required funds to complete your online registration. Ensure debit cards have a VISA or MasterCard logo.

Membership in ******* includes a digital signature completed online on the Code of Conduct; please ensure this is completed before closing your application. You will all forms on the payment page of the application.

Please digitally sign all forms before completing payment. Parents of junior members are required to digitally sign. 

If a commitment is made to a club prior to September 1, players should register with that club upon completing their USAV membership registration in *****.

Any junior USAV member that has not committed to a club prior to October 1, should register as “UNDECIDED” until they have made a commitment. Upon commitment individuals must go back into “*****” and change club affiliation from “UNDECIDED” to the “CLUB” they have committed to play for. You will need to log back in to your account in ******* using your login and password.

Coaches and other club staff should have a current membership and background screening with the club they will be associated with. If not register as “UNDECIDED” then make applicable change once commitment is finalized. 

NO, If a club designation needs to be changed for a junior player the registrar will require an email from the parents requesting change and why. Please copy each club director involved on this request. The request will be date sensitive and may not be granted without region approval. 

BEFORE you begin the registration process for your membership renewal please email the ODR Registrar at and request a region change. This can be completed easily and usually within 24 hours. This is a simple fix if you have not already registered for the new membership season.

Please include the following information in your email the request and include the member’s name, date of birth, and what region you are moving from.

When the region is corrected the registrar will email you confirmation so you may begin your registration process in ******.

If you registered in the Old Dominion Region in error you will need to email the ODR Registrar at Please include members name, date of birth, and what region you wish to register in. The registrar will cancel your ODR membership and refund your fees if the mistake is reported within 48 hrs of membership. If the error is not reported to the registrar within 48 hrs you run the risk of the membership being reported to USAV National office. If that happens your refund will be less the fees paid to the National Office.

If you registered in a region other than the Old Dominion Region the refund request and region change has to sent by the adult member or parent (if member is a junior member)to the incorrect region registrar and CC the ODR registrar. You will need to request the incorrect region to cancel your membership and send you a refund and change your region to Old Dominion Region. Once membership is cancelled you will need to register in ******* for the Old Dominion Region. You may obtain the contact information for the USAV region registrar’s on their region websites.

Yes, The ******* system should prompt a member associated with a junior’s program if the background screening is due for renewal when you apply for membership. Background Screenings are renewable every two years. Please review the background screening expiration date in your membership record if it shows a expiration date of the upcoming season then you should renew the background screening at the same time of registration to avoid an issue when it gets closer to team events. SSCI will report cleared background screening to the USAV National Office and results will be automatically downloaded into ******* when screening is cleared.

All Impact and CAP certifications will carry over in *******. If you are completing the Impact and CAP for the first time using the online WEBINAR system given by USAV and you complete and pass the test, certification will post in the ******* system and is updated automatically by USAV. However, I do advise you retain your certificate of completion. Coaches criteria for completed membership consists of current USAV membership with completed digitally signed online Code of Conduct, current background screening, and a minimum of Impact certification.

If you obtain certification from an independent clinic such as a pretournament clinic please ensure you obtain a certificate of completion this will be needed if the info is not updated by clinician.

All adult members affiliated with a juniors program must have all required certifications. This will ensure less problems if they arise in the future.

Junior Scoring and Referee certifications will not carry over and will have to be completed each year. 

Each coach affiliated with a USAV Junior’s program must have a current USAV Background Screening, minimum of Impact certification and a completed ODR Coaches Code of Ethics certification form (signed online in *******).

Coaches Code of Ethics is separate from the Code of Conduct form for general membership when registering to be a USAV member. This form will be located in *******on the final page (payment page) of the online application along with the other forms that will need to be digitally signed during the membership process and you will need to click on each forms so that it will show you signed for completion. If you do not open and sign electronically your membership will not be current for involvement in a juniors program.

Coaches must have the following completed for a current membership:

  1. Completed USAV membership including the digitally signed online Code of Conduct.
  2. Current background screening
  3. Minimum of Impact certification 

Due to your background screening you are required to have your membership remain under the Juniors Club you are affiliated to. You can still participate with the adult team by simply emailing the ODR Registrar with your request to be added to an adult team roster. Please include club and team name you wish to be added to. If this is a last minute additions please ensure you have a copy of your USAV card and present card at the tournament. ODR region tournaments are flexible as long as you show proof of membership. Out of region adult tournaments will generally not allow you to participate without being on the roster. If you are playing out of region and need an immediate change email the registrar and also include a contact phone number in case I have any issues. 

Each Club Director is responsible for the overall compliance of all club staff, coaches and players to be current USAV members in “*******” for before attending tryouts, practice sessions, clinics, and including any USAV sanctioned event if USAV insurance is required. Since we will use an online payment system all members will be on an individual pay. Every member should be registered as “UNDECIDED” until commitment agreement with Club has been made.

Once a club commitment is reached the member will need to go back into ******* and change from “UNDECIDED” to club they have committed to for the current year. At that time Club Directors can proceed to create and form teams.

If a club designation needs to be changed for a junior player the registrar will require an email from the parent requesting the change and why. Please copy each club director involved on this request. The request will be date sensitive and may not be granted without region approval.

Any adult (18 & over that is not a junior player) that will be participating in any capacity with a juniors program shall have:

  1. Completed USAV membership including the digitally signed online Code of Conduct.
  2. Current background screening
  3. Minimum of Impact certification

The ODR Registrar will only work with Junior Club Admin/Directors for any issues with a club. ALL administrative personnel will need to be listed under the contact group of the club. ODR registrar will require an email from the club director to add anyone as ADMIN. In order to be added as ADMIN the member must be a current USAV member and have a current background screening. If the Club Director would like additional adult staff to obtain ADMIN access to their club the Club Director shall send an email to the registrar requesting access. An ADMIN must be a current USAV member and have a current background screening to be added. Once added the ADMIN will be able to access all club members and team information using their USAV “*******” login.


If any club requires USAV insurance for tryouts you must ensure that the appropriate sanction form is completed.

Contact the ODR Commissioner for additional information.


Below is the link for new members to register. This will bring you to the registration page and you can complete all required information. You will receive an email once completed that your membership is current. Username and password will be sent after the registration. Ensure you list a current email address so you will receive all information.


Below is the link for returning members to USAV. You will need your username and password to gain access. Your email address you used to register is required to request information.


If you do not have your username or password, you can access the links to the left of the screen to obtain what is needed to login. 

If you receive an error that you can’t register due to your membership being placed ON HOLD you must contact the Club Director that placed your membership ON HOLD. There is a remark in your membership record. This is generally the Club you played for the previous season.

Region Membership On Hold Policy is located in the ODR Handbook. 

You will need to contact the Old Dominion Region registrar via email and request assistance.

Please ensure you include members name and date of birth and what new email address you want your information emailed to. It will be sent via email from *******. Please check your spam mail sometimes it will end up there. This can take up to 24 hours to respond.

The Old Dominion Registrar is a part-time position and general hours of operation are in the evening from 6 pm to 9 pm. Email requests are answered in the order received and generally answered the same day. I do have email access during the day but do not have *******access until evening hours. Email problem requests allow me to go into the system and have the required information to your problems. Please include your telephone number including area code that I can reach you during the evening in case I need additional information.

No, If you obtained a regular adult or junior membership for the entire season you are not required to purchase another membership to play Summer/Outdoors in a USAV or Old Dominion Region sanctioned event. 

The answer to this depends on the date(s) you plan to try out. Before September 1, you must purchase a Summer Membership (expires October 31). On or after September 1, you may choose to purchase a Tryout Membership. Although the two memberships are the same price, the Tryout Membership can be upgraded to a Regular Membership for the upcoming season by paying the difference on or before October 31.

Feel free to contact me via email at with any questions.


Charisse Britt

ODR Registrar