Current Schedule will be found on the Tournament Schedule Page 

For Junior Officials training information – 2021-22: ODR Junior Officials

USAV has developed new Age Definitions for the 2023-24 Season, Click HERE for just chart.

USAV  Announced Hosts for 2024 JNC

  • Boys JNC – Dallas, TX, June 26-Jul 3
  • Girls 11-13s, Dallas, TX, June 21-24
  • Girls JNC (14-17s) – Las Vegas, NV, July 3-11
  • Girls 18s, Baltimore, MD, April 26-28

USAV Announced Hosts for 2025 JNC

  • Boys JNC – Minneapolis, MN, July 3-10
  • Girls 11-13, Kansas City, MO, June 21-24
  • Girls 14-17, Dallas, TX, June 25-July 3
  • Girls 18s, Salt Lake City, UT, April 25-27

If any Club or Host Facility is interested in hosting a Sanctioned ODR Event you will need to fill out the linked form. Thank you.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has partnered with different organizations to develop a FREE Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports online training for coaches.

Please follow link to the ODR Inclement weather policy

USA Volleyball has created a message of “Athletes First” here is info from USA Volleyball

For membership, our core key messaging of “Athletes First” to differentiate USA Volleyball as an organization was developed as part of a complete competitive analysis that was conducted last summer. It focuses on core aspects of our membership key messaging in comparison to our competitors’ developed in conjunction with the RVA Marketing & Branding Committee.

The “Your Path Begins Here” strategy and campaign that we developed is based on that analysis focusing on “Athletes First” with the core pillars of safety, community, development & wellbeing.

 Your Path Begins Here

This strategy is active and in place across some of our key digital media touch points and we are in the process of taking a deeper dive to expand on this in new channels and applications:

  • USA Volleyball Website> Membership
    • Anthem video featured at the top of the page with description of our core Athletes First membership messaging
    • All regions are encouraged to link to this page and use this same key messaging on their own websites and digital channels – let us know how we can help with this
    • We also have a fantastic Play webpage, which gives a great introduction to the sport of volleyball overall

Your Path Begins Here Anthem Video

The anthem video that we developed was scripted and edited in house by our team, and includes the voices of National Team athletes Erik Shoji, Sydney Satchell, Tri Bourne and Nicky Nieves.

We are in the process of making updates to these videos to feature our Olympians and Paralympians and will be providing updates soon.

Currently have 3 versions of the video available

  • Your Path Begins Here – Full Length
  • Your Path Begins Here – 30s
  • Your Path Begins Here – Full Length, Region (custom version that includes a Region logo prepared for each individual Region)
    • You can embed this video prominently on your website, in email marketing and social media – if you need any help with this, feel free to reach out

Path to the Podium

As a part of our Olympic and Paralympic campaign, we produced more than 15 additional videos with our National Team athletes speaking about their careers and journeys in the sport continuing our Path to the Podium series. We have updated our Path to the Podium webpage with some of our most recent videos and encourage you to share and promote across your Regional digital media channels. If you’d like to feature a specific video on your website or social media for an athlete who is from your Region, feel free to reach out and we can provide you with the video file to post or embed.

We’ll also be working on a new Path to the Podium video as a compilation of these stories focusing on each athlete’s early involvement in volleyball (coming soon).

Olympic & Paralympic Update & Fan Toolkits

See attached for a reminder and reference for our recent update following Tokyo 2020 – including the posters and other resources that we shared today. These resources are also available on our website on National Team pages and Instagram Story Highlights > Wallpapers.

Role-Based Resource Webpages

Don’t forget to link to these role-based resource webpages on your website where we’ve got some great information available for athletes, parents, coaches, clubs and officials. We want to make sure these pages are relevant and impactful for our members, if you have any suggestions for updates please feel free to reach out.