Membership Type Membership Fee Background Screening Fee
Adult Regular affiliated WITH Junior Program
Chaperone, Tournament Director, Club Director, All Juniors Program Staff & Officials
$50.00 $18.00
Junior Regular Membership
Junior Players—Indoor and Outdoor/Summer included
$50.00 N/A
Adult NOT affiliated with Junior Program
ADULT Player ONLY — NOT affiliated with Juniors Programs; Indoor and Outdoor/Summer included
$50.00 N/A
Adult One Day/One Event
ONE DAY MEMBERSHIP CAN BE USED ONE TIME ONLY — Valid on date indicated; Additional Play must upgrade to Adult
$15.00 N/A
Upgrade Adult affiliated with Junior Program
UPGRADE from One Event/One Day Adult to Adult Regular Membership affiliated with a junior program @ $50
$50.00 $18.00
Upgrade Adult NOT affiliated with Junior Program
Adult upgrade (If adult member has a one event membership in web point and wants to participate in additional events they must select this membership option in order to participate)
$50.00 N/A
Collegiate Membership (Player Only)
FULL adult membership (not affiliated with a junior program; current college club player or current college student age 24 and under; shall present a valid current college ID as well as USAV card at each tournament check in)
$15.00 N/A
Collegiate Membership Upgrade
Membership upgrade to regular membership for affiliation with juniors program.(i.e. if you decided to be a juniors coach after registering as a collegiate member)
$35.00 $18.00
Outdoor Membership
Yearly membership recommended for only beach players and grass events. ALL EVENTS MUST BE OUTDOORS!
$20.00 N/A
Summer Membership (Junior Players Only)
Membership is recommended for junior players from 5/1 to 10/31 allows participation in outdoor and indoor events including tryouts held before 9/1. After 9/1 member shall obtain a regular junior membership @50.00.
$15.00 N/A


Payment may only be made online through WEBPOINT with a valid Credit Card or Bank Card.