On September 1st of 2020, USA Volleyball and The Old Dominion Region will transition to a new membership management system (MMS) administered by SportsEngine. This system will be referred to as the USA Volleyball Member Management System (USAV MMS) and will be used for the 20-21 season beginning on September 1st, 2020.

All clubs will have access to, and must use, SportsEngine HQ to manage their clubs for the REGION NAME and USA Volleyball season. There is a free version and a premium (for-cost) version of SportsEngine HQ. The free version is all that is necessary for clubs to use – they do not have to buy the premium version. Webpoint will no longer be in use starting 9/1/20 although view access in Webpoint is still available through October.

The new system will not be officially active until September 1st, but there are some simple on-boarding steps to complete prior to that date. Clubs will begin receiving communications in late May to begin the setup process and transition to the new system. The communications will ask you to “claim” your SportsEngine HQ, which will allow you to get into the system.

Clubs do not need to purchase the Premium SportsEngine HQ. All clubs receive access to the free HQ version and that will be enough to manage your club. The premium version does have more features, but is not required to be purchased.

If you have not received this communication

  • It’s possible you’ve already claimed your free SportsEngine HQ. Please try logging here.
  • Search for your organization and claim it here.
  • Contact your region who will troubleshoot with SportsEngine and USA Volleyball to ensure your SportsEngine HQ is properly set up for the 20-21 season.


Once you claim your SportsEngine HQ, you’ll have access to step by step articles and videos on the functionality of this new system.You will need to login to your SportsEngine account in order to view articles and videos. For additional assistance or questions regarding regional policy, please contact us at membership@odrvb.org.


Clubs will have the ability to designate administrators within their SportsEngine HQ to help manage memberships and rosters (similar to the “Club Admin” functionality in Webpoint). All administrators in the USAV MMS must be USAV members, background screened, and SafeSport certified. USAV and Old Dominion Region will be monitoring compliance with this policy.

You must also provide Old Dominion Region with access (Specific Access TBD) to your club. Instructions on completing this step can be found here.


The member directory is a free tool your club has access to within SportsEngine HQ. Although the name is tricky, this area isn’t just for individuals with a purchased membership. This area is more like a phone book of individuals that have interacted with your club. If you use any of SportsEngine’s other tools, you may have individuals already in your directory (ex: you use SportsEngine registration tools or a SportsEngine website).

Individuals can be added to your member directory manually by entering information on an individual or through a file upload. Individuals will need to be in your directory before you can complete other tasks like club association.

You can also use the directory to create groups of people and easily message them from the system!


Individuals will need to purchase a membership from the region website. In order to begin the purchase process, he/she will need to create a free SportsEngine account or login to their existing SportsEngine account (they may have one through other sports organizations that use SportsEngine). Click here for an overview of this process!

SportsEngine allows for family accounts, so the account holder should be an adult and children can each have their own profile in the family account. This means one login per family!

Clubs are also able to purchase membership on behalf of their staff and coaches within the system.


When a membership is purchased, an individual member will not have the option of associating themself with a club. Instead, the club must send an association invitation to the individual who must accept. The individual must be listed within the club’s member directory in order for you to send this association invitation and the club must follow all region policies and guidelines.

An individual must have a membership before accepting this invitation. If the clubs send an invitation to someone without a current membership, the individual will be directed to purchase a membership before the association will be completed.

Check out this video for an overview of what this process looks like for club administrators.


The USAV MMS is integrated with AES. Rosters that are created in the USAV MMS (SportsEngine) can be pulled into AES as a default roster. You can then use that default roster to register for USAV events.


While not all data from the Webpoint system will be migrated over to the new SE MMS, the most important pieces of information will be. When purchasing a membership, the system will look to match the name, DOB, and zip code with a membership record from Webpoint and if a match is found, data migration will happen automatically

Please encourage your athletes, coaches and staff to use the same name, DOB and zip code when purchasing a membership in the new system. This is especially important for adults who have current credentials (background screen, SafeSport, IMPACT, etc.) to ensure those migrate into the new system.

Old Dominion Region will also back up data from Webpoint (such as roster information, team selections, etc) and keep it on file in a secure location. Regions will have a process to retrieve credentials manually if needed.

More information on Memberships and how to purchase memberships will be released soon.

USAV Club Resources

Club Video Mini-Series

This short video series covers an overview of the new system and highlights the largest changes club directors and club administrators should be prepared for. All videos can be watched in order by hitting the play button or you can hit the “playlist” button on the left to select a specific topic.

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Club Admin Manual

There are two versions of these documents- one for clubs using free SportsEngine HQ and the other for premium SportsEngine customers. This is available within a club’s HQ or the link can be shared directly with clubs. Note, there is a “last updated” date in the top right hand corner of this manual.

Click Here For The Club Administrator Guide (Freemium)

Click Here For The Club Administrator Guide (Premium)

Club Admin Help Articles

Help articles provide step by step written instructions alongside screenshots or videos of certain tasks. These articles can be found at the link below or at any time while you are in your Club HQ.

Click Here To View All Club Admin Help Articles

Club Help Videos

These videos are specific to tasks and functions club admins will complete in the USAV MMS. Videos on this page can be viewed in order by hitting the “start watching” button or you can look for a video on a specific topic. These videos are also available from your Club HQ with its correlating help article.

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