Storm Preparedness

Should inclement weather threaten or affect a scheduled tournament, consult the following actions:

Prior to a storm:

  • Thoroughly inspect the interior/exterior building and ancillary buildings to identify possible issues including: roof drains, water pipes, heaters and generators
  • Confirm doors, windows, vents and other openings are weather-tight
  • Complete any pending truss repairs or maintenance
  • Confirm there is an adequate heating fuel supply in the event of an emergency
  • Develop an emergency plan for the removal of snow and ice from:
    • Roof to prevent collapse
    • Access roads, driveways and private roads to accommodate emergency vehicles
    • Hydrants and control valves for easy access
  • Ensure there is adequate rock salt, sand and snow removal equipment on site
  • Verify any contracted snow removal services have proper insurance – request certificates
  • Maintain current contact information for emergency contacts, key personnel and insurance agents
  • Designate an individual to monitor weather conditions and keep management informed of the approaching weather conditions.


During a storm:

  • Keep walkways clear by frequently shoveling/salting
  • Maintain proper mats and clean up in concourse areas as customers bring in snow and ice
  • Monitor the weather conditions and keep employees and customers informed
  • Reduce liquor liability by designating  driver or taxi services available to deter customers from driving in inclement weather.


After a storm:

  • Secure the premises
  • Survey the facility for damage
  • If damage noted: notify your insurance agent immediately and notify contractors to start repairs as soon as possible
  • Avoid potential ice dams
  • Snow removal is always first and best line of defense
  • Check on insulation and heat loss in attic spaces
    • Avoid potential roof collapse
  • Roof clearance > 6” of ice, > 18-24” of snow.