REVISED MEMO: Preventing floor damage (Updated November 7, 2007)

During the 2001-2002 season, the USA Volleyball liability insurance coverage suffered unanticipated and extraordinarily high claims due to damage to wood floors caused by the removal of floor tape. In an effort to eliminate this problem, USA Volleyball, ESIX (the insurance broker for USA Volleyball) and American Specialty (the liability insurance company) urge tournament directors to use only paper floor tape which has a quick release adhesive designed to minimize, if not eliminate, damage to wood floors caused by other types of tape.

Please be aware that if we, as a group, are unable to eliminate these claims, all of our insurances rates will increase substantially. In addition, the sponsoring entity of an event that produces a floor damage claim resulting from the use of floor tape other than products listed below, will be subject to a deductible of $5,000

Apparently many facilities are moving toward using a water-based finish (rather than an oil-based finish) on their wood gymnasium floors. This is less expensive but also is more prone to damage from the removal of floor tape. Because of problems with all vinyl tape products, only paper tape with the quick release adhesive should be used for temporary floor markings on wood floors. Tape should be removed as soon as possible after an event. It should not be left on the floor for extended periods of time.

Please note that Safe-Off 290 WH paper tape from Specialty Tapes is no longer acceptable for use on wood floors. The vinyl tapes and the Safe Off paper tape are still acceptable for use on Sport Court surfaces.


Shurtape #724 Paper Tape (previously Permacel)
2” width x 60 yards, white, Product # P040, $7.99 per roll, 24 rolls per case
Available through Harrison Brothers at

Pro Masking Tape (Specialties Painter’s Grade Masking Tape)
2” width x 60 yards, blue, product # NC10, $4.19 per roll, 12 rolls per case
Available at Home Improvement Stores or through Harrison Brothers at

3M Painter’s Masking Tape with Safe Release Adhesive
2” width x 60 yards, variety of colors, cost is about $7.50 per roll.
Available at Home Improvement Stores or through 3M distributors.

If you are unable to find these products locally, you may want to contact Harrison Brothers, a distributor of adhesive-backed tapes for over 20 years. Products may be ordered in small quantities on-line with a credit card. Call for quantity discounts.

Harrison Bros, Inc.
47 North Chatham Parkway
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
Phone: 919-968-0241 or 877-863-6150
FAX: 800-327-6651
Email: Click on Paper Tapes.

Revised 11/07/2007