Congratulations to all our ODR High Performance teams as they competed strongly at the USAV High Performance Championships in Tulsa, OK!

A special shout out to our boys and girls youth teams for making it to their respective gold brackets.

Girls Youth finished 2nd – won their gold semifinal match against Ohio Valley Region in 3 sets, then lost the gold finals match to Aloha Region in 4 sets.

Boys Youth finished 4th  – lost in the semifinals to Team Florida in 5 sets.  Team Florida went on to win the championship.  Then lost in the consolation match for 3rd to Ohio Valley Region in 4 sets.

Even though the girls future select team went 0-7 in matches, they played 3 of those matches to 5 sets.

See match and set records below.

This reflects how the ODR region can compete in all the divisions with the best teams and players in the country.

Thanks to all the players, families, and fans for their support during the entire ODR High Performance season!!

Look forward to 2019 HP information coming soon!!  We will look to improve on last year’s performances and continue to build the HP program.


Team Match Record Set Record
Girls Future Select 0-7 6-21
Girls Select 4-4 15-14
Girls Youth 8-1 25-7
Boys Select 1-7 7-23 σελίδα
Boys Youth 5-4 21-17