September 1, 2012

As initially presented at the May meetings in Salt Lake City, beginning in 2013, the GJNC will add two new Championship Divisions and a new age group. These additions will raise the GJNC total possible field from its 2012 number of 816 to approximately 1200 for 2013.

The overview of the Championship Divisions:

No change from 2012 – 32 teams; all from National Qualifiers (NQ). Generally regarded as the most competitive teams from a geographic area that tend to travel outside of their area of the country.
Still 48 teams, but all 48 bids will be awarded to Regions based on 2012 registration numbers. There will be no National Division at the NQs. Generally considered the top teams in the Region that don’t obtain an Open bid.
Formerly the National Division at NQs – This is a new Championship in 2013 and will be a 24-team field with all 24 bids being awarded at NQs. Generally targeted for teams striving to become amongst the top teams nationally and regionally.
No change from 2012 (48 teams from Regions and NQs). Generally targeted for teams that are competitive Regionally and typically don’t travel far from their geographic area of the country.
This is a new Championship and will field between 24 and 48 teams per age group in 2013. Access to this Championship will be strictly based on date of entry. Teams do not need to qualify to participate in this Championship. Should a team entered in this Championship later qualifier for a higher tournament, their entry and fee will be transferred to the higher tournament. This tournament will only be offered in 17s-14s and 11s in 2013. Generally targeted for teams looking to finish their season at the GJNC without waiting to see if they will obtain a bid in the higher Divisions.

Unaccepted bids will be subject to the same sanction as in the past, as specified in the Championship Manual.

NOTE: All Championships within an age group (ie. Open, National, USA, American, and Patriot where applicable) will be contested on the same days all at the Dallas Convention Center. This will allow teams to plan in advance to play during that time frame and in that city before the club season begins. They simply won’t know the exact Championship Division for which they may qualify.

11-&-UNDER Championship

Per the recommendation of the Junior Assembly in May, USAV will be adding a 24-team Patriot Division Championship for an 11-and-under age group to the 2013 GJNC in Dallas. This will be a 3-day Championship.

Stay to Play

While all National Championship and Divisions will again be subject to USAV’s Stay to Play policy, THS and USAV will be meeting to work on refining the process. An update on any changes to procedures will be communicated in October, if not sooner.

  • The lottery for club access to the room block for both Boys’ and Girls’ clubs will take place on Wednesday, September 12. We are looking into web streaming the process. More info soon.
  • While the Patriot Division will still be Stay to Play, the nuances of the new Division with regard to Stay to Play will be examined.
  • Adding additional opportunities for clubs or Regions to block rooms will be examined.